Our challenges at a glance

Published: 2022-11-14

What kind of challenges are available?

  • Step-up challenges (monthly challenges fall into this category)
  • Distance challenges

The main difference between step-up and distance challenges is that there is no locked goal for the step-ups. Instead, each step-up challenge has a set of progressing targets, and, as you keep working through the challenge, you also keep hitting new targets.

At the end of the month, you can order a medal with the achieved distance engraved on it (and we are hoping to add additional types of awards in the future).

How can you join a challenge?

  • Pick a challenge
  • Click "take part" button. You will be charged a small entry fee, but the whole amount will be added to your site credits
  • The entry fee is not refundable. Site credits are valid for up to 6 months, and, when available, they will be deducted from your medal purchases

How can you order a medal?

  • For a step-up challenge, you can order a medal whenever you have achieved at least one target. Keep in mind that you can only order a medal for the target you have achieved. It may make sense to order at the end of the month then.
  • For a distance challenge, it's not that different except that there is, usually, only one target. You can order a medal once you've achieved that target.
  • Medals can be ordered for about 2.5 months after the last day of the challenge through your private awards area: /shop/products?tp=private
  • For the step-up / monthly challenges, we would normally be posting medals between the 5th and the 15th of each month, and that would include all the medals which had been ordered about a month earlier. So, for example, if you place an order after the 20th, you may have to wait for an extra month. But, if you order your medal around the 5th-10th, it will normally be posted the following month.

How can I see my site credits?

  • Those details are visible at a few places, but you could go to your profile page and look for them there: /profile

How does this affect you if you had joined a monthly challenge before the update?

  • If your medal was supposed to be dispatched in December 2022, it is still going to be posted in December
  • If you have been participating in the November challenge, and if you had opted to receive your medal in December, we would be sending you a medal in the first half of December with the original distance engraved on it
  • On the other hand, if you had opted to keep your target open, your payment has been converted into site credits (we added 10% to that amount), so just remember to come back to our site at the end of the challenge to order your medal: /shop/products?tp=private Your site credits will be deducted from the medal prices, and you should not have to pay anything
  • That said, you have an option of switching to a "step up" model, just drop us an email please (Email to: support at

How does this affect you if you had joined a distance challenge before the update?

  • That should not, really, affect you. We will keep tracking your progress, and we will be posting your medal once you have achieved challenge goals.


Published: 2022-11-09

Our pricing structure is simple, but it can also be confusing

  • There is an entry fee per challenge. That fee goes to your site credits, it's non-refundable, but it does expire in about 6 months after the last day of the challenge
  • Once you've achieved your challenge goals, you can order awards. Prices are per awards, yet different awards may have different shipping fees. We do display those fees (without shipping) throughout the site, but, in order to see what it's going to be with shipping, discounts, and site credits... you might just need to add those awards / other products to the cart and see the price there

Here is an example - you can see current challenge entry fee on the challenge card:

But you can also click through the award options and see corresponding prices:

And, of course, you might choose to go there, try it right away, and you'll probably notice there are not so many different awards except for the medals... This is all somewhat new as of November 2022, so we are working on adding more ?

Step Up Challenges

Published: 2022-11-08

What is a step up challenge?

This is how we call challenges where there are multiple targets available. As you keep performing challenge activities, you will be unlocking new targets, and you will be able to see them on the challenge page:

(1) This is where you will see your achieved goal (assuming you have hit at least the very first target)

(2) You will see your current progress towards the next goal here

(3) Will show you the next available goal

Don't you worry, in each of our challenges we enough targets for even the most enthusiastic folks!

What gets printed on the medal / award?

Your achieved goal will be engraved / printed there

How do I order my medals / awards?

You can go to "My awards" area, then add those medals to the cart, and proceed from there. Each medal / awards has an expiration date (which is currently set to about 75 days after the challenge "end date"). This means you can now combine multiple medals in the same order. Which will normally come with some savings on the shipping rates (although, this will probably make more sense for our EU/Canada/US/worldwide participants)